Photo by Kristin Bethge

Ceren Saner studied Business Administration at Koc University (TR), graduating in 2014. She had eventually become a self-taught visual artist working with photography and videography. After all, her artworks have yet been shown in France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Turkey.


1991 Istanbul born, now Berlin based self-taught visual artist Ceren Saner describes her approach with the term ‘private documentary’ as her works have predominantly autobiographical elements in them.

Since her childhood, frames have always been the firsthand source of information for Ceren Saner because of lost figures in her own family. She unconsciously used photography to understand these lost figures in her roots first. Then by starting to create new frames herself, she has been trying to re-build her lost memory and existence and de/construct whatever was left to her. Ceren Saner is questioning the relationship between the one behind the camera, and the one in the frame -in other words: the subject, interaction/intersection of both of these existences at the exact moment.