Ceren Saner was born in 1991, Istanbul, Turkey and studied Business Administration at Koc University (TR), graduating in 2014.
She has eventually become a self-taught visual artist working with photography and videography. Ceren uses the term private documentary to describe her approach as her works have predominantly autobiographical elements in them.

Since November 2016, she is based in Berlin and has been on tour (#isntitlovethetour) around Germany and Europe, giving lecture performances with her artworks centering upon perspectives on the intersection of art, queer scene, LGBTIQ+ movement and activism in Turkey.

After all, her works have yet been exhibited in France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Turkey.


Her special bond with photography started through her bond with her family, especially her father.
Since her childhood frames turned into source of information for her.

Which exact moment of that person’s (the subject) life caught in the frame?
And where was the one behind the camera?
– What was the feeling that one had?

She found herself asking these questions to realize the relationship of the one caught in the frame and the one that is behind the camera, in other words the one who extracted that particular moment from time.

Does this tool – so called camera – only captures that moment of the subject in the frame or somehow visualize a part of the one press the shutter also? Can both the one who visualize and the one who is visualized be united in some way?

Perhaps a trace occurs as a result to all of these.
A trace about that one – the one in the frame,
And about you,
A trace concerning us.

About all you’ve experienced,
Or perhaps only some of it.

A trace from time –